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I got tagged by charmingcaptainswan so here are 5(make that 6) facts about me.

1) I’m a lefty! 

2)   I believe laughter is the best medicine…you’ll often find me making a complete dork of myself just to make someone smile. I love people..well most of humanity anyway.

3)  I’ve been told I  have the soul of someone older than 29…I used to think it was quite strange,but now I consider to be one of my greatest strengths 

4)   I will never “grow up”.just because your an adult doesn’t mean you should lose your sense of wonder. There’s a time and place for you to be silly and a time to be reserved. Over  the years you learn,but NEVER neglect your inner child,EVER. I still have lessons to learn in life. 

5)  Seriously ask my boyfriend Chris,we could be talking and I will literally stop and go PUPPY! if I see ANY kind of dog.  Same with chocolate(ok I’ve gotten better with the chocolate)  He teases me about it by sending me all these puppy gifs from work.*Tumblr blogs don’t help much haha.* 

6)  Kissing: I think the best type of kiss is the one that comes from being in a long term relationships.  Maybe I’m the only one on Tumblr who thinks this ..Sex is awesome and all,but there is nothing like just cuddling and holding each other. And kissing. Not like in the typical romantic movies. You might laugh so hard and you fart(yes that’s happened a lot before lol) ,you might bump noses,be clumsy. Long term relationships are fun and rewarding and messy and emotional…you deal with LIFE. it’s not a fairytale most of the times.  The joke Chris and I have is: We’ve pretty much lived the whole “in sickness and in health”. Long story short: I have lung disease. It’s progressive and something I’ve had at birth. I was born 3 months early. 2lbs 6 ounces. I’ve been on oxygen at night the past two and a half years.  It’s not getting any better,but it also isn’t getting any worse either.Anyway If you have any more questions FOLLOW my blog/send me a message. 

Now for the people I’m tagging!   ITS A BIT OF A LIST! I randomly picked a bunch of people.  PLEASE TAG ME. When you post your answers. Thanks!






Someone needs to tag Colin O Donoghue For The Ice Bucket Challenge!

Question is:Would he actually DO IT?? He’s quite shy/private so I really don’t know. But this is something I want to happen… Even better if he’s with Sean and Josh. Someone tag him!!

PS-you need to make a VIDEO of yourself completing the challenge and call out each persons name that you challenge to do it! That’s how this works. Also make sure you TWEET your video to all of them with ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’ in all caps so they notice!

Thanks Natascha Wurst who’s watching on set ! Thank YOU Mia who’s relaying the info! The fandom thanks you today :-D

Mia is blowmiakisskillian on Tumblr. 

What she’s officially confirmed:



Will add more later If I get updated!

*update* Bobby was spotted! 

 *update two: Skinny Jeans!!! Guys,Killian  was wearing SKINNY JEANS!

Also PERSONAL OPINION: I’m CONVINCED Him and Killian met about the dagger,he found out and wants to blackmail him but Gold is all “Surprise! I had your hand this whole time,HAHA” I mean it just seems quite obvious. But I don’t write the show,and please guys don’t speculate on my opinion.